My humans took me to Leyla again this morning so that we could drop off the new flooring. They are still very pleased with their bargains. I had a good look around Leyla and we found a big leak. It rained a lot last night and one of the windows isn’t properly sealed at the top. The Bearded One said that he’s going to reseal all of the windows just to be sure. 

Big wet patch on the floor

The laminate flooring for the lower section

Me and The Sassy One

Then it was off to The Range to see what upholstery fabric they have for the dinette. As it turned out, they had nothing suitable but we did check out paint colours for the little humans’ bunk areas. 

It’s no surprise that The Royal One wants purple

Pink for The Sassy One

And The Boy One wants blue

The Bearded One bought some sealant for the leaky window, along with a new dustbin. Exciting times!

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x