We have left The Daddy One at the bus today so that he can build the first set of bunk beds, and the walls for the shower if the light lasts long enough. 

As before, Leyla was used as the pickup vehicle for the huge sheets of wood. There seemed little point in taking the car to then have to move it all into Leyla anyway. Not to mention, she seems to enjoy the run to the local retail park, and there’s even a bus bay to park her in. 

I’m reliably informed that these big pieces of wood are called OSB3, and they are structural. Whatever that means! The Bearded One said it meant less work for him because he wouldn’t need to build wall frames first. He wasted no time getting started on it. 

The Mummy One is hoping that there will be an impressive structure in place when she goes back later to pick The Bearded One up. 

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Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x