The Bearded One has almost finished all of the structural work for the living accommodation inside the bus, so now it’s time for The Mummy One to start making it look nice. So far she has glad the long side of the double bunk bed, and the side of the shower room wall that faces into the kitchen area. The Mummy One is very pleased with herself. She is off to buy more cladding tomorrow so that she can cover the bunk ends that face into the master bedroom.

To see the cladding progress, check out the latest YouTube video!

The first coat of white paint has been applied to the shower room walls, although the light had faded by the time that was finished, so the pictures will not be taken until tomorrow. It’s going to be lovely and bright in there though. I do like a nice shower when I get dirty!

Next week will bring the next big change when the kitchen arrives on Wednesday. The Mummy One is very excited about this development as the bus will finally start to look like a proper home.

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x