Leyla now has a full kitchen, all she needs in that department is a cooker and a fridge. The Bearded One has worked his socks off, and it looks amazing. Proper pictures will follow (after a good clean up!), although it can be seen now on the latest YouTube video.

The next big task will be to insulate the ceiling and line it with something pretty. Ideally this should have been done at the start of the conversion but The Mummy One was impatient to get the proper building underway. She’s the “very spontaneous” type!

Behind the kitchen is where the bunks are, which are now fully clad in tongue and groove spruce. The Mummy One is very pleased with herself here because she did most of the cladding.

The little humans have been busy picking out soft furnishings for their bunks; they’ve each picked a colour scheme and they are all sticking to their chosen colour as though their life depends on it. The Sassy One is pink all the way, The Royal One has chosen a very royal purple, and without surprise The Boy One has opted for blue.

I’m told that I will have my crate, and that I will be happy with it!!

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x