The bus is coming along nicely. The kitchen is in place, the bunk room is complete, and construction has started on the master bedroom. The Bearded One is doing a great job of using lots of wood to build a very sturdy bed. He has sanded down the rusty metal that was hiding under the back seat, and he’s ordered a nice piece of shiny new metal that he is going to rivet over the old stuff. There is a hole in the old metal, and now the backseat has been removed, the engine fumes are coming into the bus through the hole. With the new piece of shiny metal in place, and sealed, the bedroom with be safe again!


I’m still a little concerned that they haven’t assigned me a space for my crate. There were some mutterings about me sleeping in the cold cab area, because I’ve been a naughty puppy lately. I peed on the bus, but I think I was forgiven for that. However, yesterday I was a very bad pup. The Mummy One is not happy – there were many mutterings. You see, I found something very tasty to chew, really tasty in fact. So, I chewed it until it was dead…


The Mummy One is very pleased with the bus though, so it’s not all grumpy times. Even The Sassy One has been getting in on the action, helping out by painting the drawers that will be under the big bed.


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Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x