My humans are still working hard to convert Leyla, the Leyland National, into our new tiny home on wheels. The Bearded One has told the humans at work that he will be leaving work in two months. There is definite excitement in the air.

Leyla now has beds, a shower/toilet room, a kitchen, dining room, and a lounge. The leisure batteries and battery charger arrived yesterday, and The Mummy One is going to be ordering all the wiring later today.

The conversion has taken longer than the humans would have hoped, but life just seems to keep getting in the way. The Bearded One has two weeks off work, starting on Friday, so he should be able to get a lot done in that time.


Seat Recover
A fresh look in the dining area.



045 cover.png
How Leyla now looks from the outside – blacked out windows, and curtains!

The humans are still vlogging the conversion on YouTube, so be sure to check out the videos and subscribe to stay up to date with everything that is going on.


The Littlest Hobo. x