Going Nomadic in a Single Decker Bus


Pre-Travel Post

The Bearded One Drove The Bus

For the very first time. Only 20 feet, but it still counts as driving!

The Mummy One has warned him not to get any funny ideas about thinking he can do it again. She is the driver!

My humans measured up for the flooring today, and then went to the shop to see what was available. They couldn’t pass up some great bargains and so came home with discounted laminate for the lower section (£60) and lovely, squishy, discounted carpet for the back section (£20). They are quite pleased with themselves. 

Some of the seats have been put back into place, so that The Mummy One could triple check that everything will fit as she thinks it should. The little humans liked the reinstated seating and make themselves comfortable in the soon-to-be dining area. 

The dining area seats will be recovered to freshen them up and make them childproof (messy eaters!). The bench seats in the front will be stripped and the frames will be reused to make the new sofa area. 

Leyla has been moved again today, to ensure that she doesn’t outstay her welcome and attract too much attention while she is a work in progress. This is what The Mummy One says but I think she just likes to driver her lots. 

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x


A Quick Trip To Leyla

My humans popped into Leyla today to do some measuring. The Bearded One moved some chairs around while The Mummy One scribbled some lines on the floor. She also took some measurements for the sofa that will be behind the driver’s cab. They were both very happy that their theoretical plan worked out in the real-life space, and everything fits nicely where it is supposed to.

The Mummy One also spoke to a man at a shop that buys scrap metal, and he thinks he wants the spare bus seats as a whole lot. She’s just emailed him a picture of them, and hopefully he will respond soon to say he has space for them.

Leyla has been attracting lots of attention wherever she goes. My humans underestimated how popular she would be, especially with the older generation who seem to have found memories of her type. She’s had several random people taking her photograph, and four people have even knocked on the door to have a chat about her. The Bearded One is worried and thinks that we should get some coverings on the windows so that people can’t see in. After all, Leyla has no shortage of windows!

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x

Some Hiccups Already

The Mummy One says she is exhausted and has had quite the day. The little humans have driven her crazy and Leyla has caused a bit of a headache. 

All wet!

It was a rainy day today, so The Mummy One decided it would be the perfect time to spot any leaks. She found two minor leaks on the windscreen and one not-so-minor leak there too, as well as three tiddly leaks on three of the side windows. She’s confident they won’t be hard to fix. 

Perhaps not even a leak, maybe condensation?

Then Leyla caused the headache. The Mummy One tried to start her and nothing happened, nothing at all. The lights didn’t come on on the dashboard and none of the electrics worked. The Mummy One assumed the batteries were flat and called a local company to come and jump start Leyla. The nice man turned up with his special machine and still Leyla did nothing. Turns out the little humans had knocked a fuse out in the cab, and that’s why Leyla wasn’t working. The little humans cost The Mummy One £100 today, and made The Bearded One very, very grumpy. 

As a result of the above, little humans are no longer allowed in the cab, and The Bearded One needs to buy a T-key to unlock the hatches on Leyla’s bodywork. They all need unsticking and WD40-ing as a lot of them have rusted shut. 

On a brighter note, The Mummy One finally located somewhere that can MOT a 9 ton, 11.3m long bus, and it’s only 15 miles away. The Mummy One is very pleased with herself. She has also learnt how to change the batteries on the bus (the nice man showed her), and she now knows to give the starter motor a tap with a hammer if it plays up. On top of all that, today’s most important lesson was to never park Leyla in a place where there are parking restrictions. We came close to overstaying the allowed time and being landed with an £80 fine. 

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x

The Conversion Begins

My humans have wasted no time with starting the work on the bus. The doors have been made secure and the seats are starting to come out. 

I’ve been introduced to my new play space and poop spot, right next to where Leyla is parked. I like it!

The bus is very big, and is looking bigger and bigger with every seat that is taken out. 

We’ve got a good, unrestricted parking spot and it even comes complete with a view, and extra places to play. 

The Mummy One is very pleased with herself and her crazy idea, it seems to be working. She just has to figure out what to do with 25 spare bus seats!!

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x

The Day They Went To Get The Bus

As my humans left me behind today, my post is super short. Here is a link to the video of what they have been up to today:

You Tube – The Day We Went To Get The Bus

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x

Beyond Forgiveness 

Before I Upset My Humans

I’ve blotted my copybook this time. I had less than thirty seconds of unsupervised access to The Mummy One’s bedroom and I took the opportunity to jump on the bed. This wouldn’t have been so bad, but snuggling up in her duvet was not something I was planning. No, my mind was on one task, and one task only; peeing. I did it, right there on her side of the bed. I’ve been told it went straight through the duvet, sheet, electric blanket and into the mattress. The Mummy One is not pleased with me. She had to spend the night in a sleeping bag which was, in my opinion, a suitable punishment for me because it rustled every time she moved in her sleep, and woke me up. Torture, I tell you, torture. 

This incident has also resulted in The Bearded One saying that I will be sleeping in my crate on the bus, and not with The Mummy One, which I had thought was going to happen. There has been lots of mentioning again about me not peeing on the bus. What can I say, I like to do it somewhere warm and comfortable!

On a brighter note, The Bearded One has mentioned that there will be a little giveaway sometime in the near future. Some lucky sausage (mmm, sausage) is going to get one of my keyrings sent to them. He has said yet how the giveaway will be organised, but I’m sure he’ll tell me soon. 

And, and, and… One sleep until my humans bring the bus home!!

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x

Other Important Jobs

Besides being the supervisor for the bus conversion, I have also tasked myself with some other very important jobs. 

Today I am playing nurse and comforter to The Sassy One, who is feeling a little under the weather. I am sure my cuddles will help her get better. This is a super important job, and not one that my little clawed nemesis can do. The Clawed One, as I shall call her, also lives in the house with my humans. I often try to engage her in a game of chase but she just hisses at me and swipes at my nose with those nasty claws that she has. 

Some of my other roles include finding, and clearing, any stray food. I enjoy this job a lot! I also help sort the laundry and carry it all over the house so that The Mummy One can easily spot it. Another favourite of mine is confetti making – The Mummy One keeps rolls and rolls of soft paper that hasn’t been turned into confetti yet, so I help her out and make it for her. Funnily enough, she doesn’t seem to see this as helpful!

Everybody in the house is very excited because there are only two sleeps left until we bring Leyla home. 

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x

The New Layout

Leyla Layout.jpgThe Mummy One will make her mind up soon and actually stick with one plan!! Leyla is going to be plush, according to The Mummy One. Every time I whoopsie (is that a word?!) in the house, I get reminded that I must be a good pup when I am in Leyla.

Meanwhile, the little humans have been arguing over who is having each of the bunks. The Mummy One says that if they don’t behave then they’ll be sleeping outside. I hope that threat doesn’t apply to me!

Once they have Leyla in their possession, my humans plan to strip out all of her seats and clean all of her inside. Leyla will then be going for something called an MOT because The Bearded One said is would be wise to put her in early (it’s not due until February) so that any work can be done before the conversion starts.

The sun is shining today, after a few days of yucky drizzling rain, and I have been promised a trip to the big field so that I can chase my tennis ball. Before that I need to have a nap so that I am ready for my trip out. So…

Until tomorrow…TheLittlestHobo. x

P.S. The Mummy One says to remind you all that I am on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

Naughty Mummy, Naughty Puppy

dress hostage.pngThe Mummy One rations my meat, I know she does because she gives me half of the tin and then puts the other half in to the fridge for the next day. The Mummy One is very naughty.

I took matters into my own paws today and decided to hold her dress hostage until she gave in and offered up the second half of the tin. She refused. I tugged on her dress to get my point across. She still refused. I tugged some more… and killed the hostage! The bottom panel of The Mummy One’s dress ripped off. The Mummy One said I was a naughty puppy. Do you know what – she still didn’t give me that meat.

The Mummy One is the boss, for now.

On the topic of the bus, things are looking good. My humans have decided to call her Leyla and have promised that she needs diesel not meat, so I won’t have to share with her. She’s very big and very read. The Mummy One says she is a Leyland National (hence Leyla) and she’s going to come home with her on Saturday. It was originally supposed to be Friday but that turned out to be a bit awkward due to a train strike, so Saturday it is. The Syncing One (remember the oldie from the other day, I think the little humans call her Nanny) thinks that The Mummy One is crazy for buying a bus, but I think we are going to have lots of fun seeing lots of new places and faces.

Until  tomorrow… TheLittlestHobo. x

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