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The Great British County Tour

We Have Moved In

It’s been a long time since we updated this blog, but we are now officially living in the bus on a full time basis – we have no other home. Leyla still isn’t quite finished, but she makes a very comfortable home, and the remaining work is purely cosmetic.

We have been bus living for a whole week, and so far it has been a brilliant experience. The solar power is working like a dream to provide us with all the electricity we need, and we have found several places to obtain free water. We have opted to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking, but that’s hardly an expense when it’s only 17p for two litres!

Leyla is still parked in our home town whilst we sort out some paperwork that needs to be complete before we can head off on The Great British County Tour. Not to mention, she needs some decals on the outside because we find that people are looking at her with interest and we feel that some info about our website would bring more people here. That’s never a bad thing.

My next post will be all about the equipment that we have on-board, such as the shower we opted for and our solar power setup.

For now though, and until tomorrow…

The Mummy One. x


The Tour Logo

It’s only right that The Great British County Tour has its own logo – so here it is!

tgbct-logoWhat do you guys think?

The Great British County Tour

Just a little intro to our latest idea…

Once the bus is ready to move into, and The Bearded One has finished working, we are going to be embarking on a tour of the mainland England, Scotland, and Wales. The aim of the tour is to visit every single county on the mainland. We would love to travel to the islands and Northern Ireland too, but at this point in time, the logistics involved with shipping the bus are just too complicated and costly. Maybe in the future we’ll do those bits.

As part of The Great British County Tour we will be visiting all the must-see places and attractions, and sampling the local foods.

The itinerary is pretty simple at the moment; we will be starting from our home county (East Sussex), and heading westwards through West Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall. In time we will draw up a full itinerary with rough dates for each county. Feel free to let us know of any places we should include on our visit to your county, any restaurants that we shouldn’t miss, or any really good play spaces for the munchkins. Oh, and any parking spots you know of that could handle an 11.3m long bus!


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